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$3305: Re: Re: #3284: Karshan responds to Davis re: Rice (fwd)


According to the Washington Office on Haiti summary issued October 27, 1995 
regarding their Special Issue Report on rice:

"Both RCH [Rice Corporation of Haiti] and Comet Rice are owned by a powerful 
U.S. company with a history of what the New York Times called 'tainted 
trade.'  Comet Rice is one of the companies owned by Erly, Inc., an 
international agribusiness and consulting conglomerate with a history of 
repeated legal irregularities and close ties to political power circles.  
Among other things, Erly and/or its subsidiaries have been investigated for 
possible involvement in money laundering and illegal arms deals, debarred 
from government contracts, delisted from the NASDAQ stock exchange due to 
precarious fiscal status, and named in an investigation of illegal lobbying 
on the part of a former Reagan official."

To answer your question more clearly, yes this is the same rice company 
although years ago when they were blacklisted by USAID, they simple bought 
another company and went under their name to regain USAID backing, although 
everyone (USAID) knew it was the same unethical folks.