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#3351: Haitian Refugees (fwd)

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

Having grown up in the States I often came across this passage that 
made discrimination (based on color, sex, religion or national origin)  
illegal. The phrase `national origin` is the one that I find 
particularly interesting at this moment. We haven`t recently sent 
troops (let alone 20,000) to Cuba or Nicaragua and yet these countries 
seem to be having an easier time getting `political refugee` status.
How can a judge or government official make a determination on a 
Nicaraguan and then a different determination on a Haitian who has the 
same or even more extreme criteria for political refugee status. Isn`t 
this discrimination based on national origin. Haiti is on the brink of 
social and economic disaster because of its political condition. In the 
last couple of weeks alone Haiti has had political assasinations, 
political candidates disappearing in the night, violent demonstrations, 
the burning of political party headquarters, postponement once again of 
elections, the threat of more international sanctions, increased border 
patrols for the drug trade etc,. I understand that American policy is 
trying to avoid an influx of a few million refugees, but if thats the 
case, I suggest the law be changed to `no discrimination unless its 
really inconveniant`. Communism you say, the domino theory....well I 
already see Cuban doctors in Haiti, no parliament, elected officials 
get dismissed by executive order....
National Origin, along with Race, Color and Religion...Haiti`s got a 
tough road ahead. Luckily our laws are there to sort some of this out 
so we don`t have to get all emotional about it.

Richard Morse

P.S. please forgive my lack of question marks, I can`t seem to get that 
key working on my keyboard.