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#3350: Referal from Mr. Calixte (fwd)

From: Roger Haring <rah1969@hotmail.com>

[PLEASE:  reply directly to Roger and not to Corbett]

I am recently a MS Agronomy graduate who is interested in agricultural 
development work in Haiti.  I was previously in the Dominican Republic and 
had a chance to visit Haiti in 1995 (Cap Haitian). I now presently pursuing 
possible work there via "Partners of the Americas," however, I do not have 
any contacts or relations down there. I am looking for a NGO or private 
business contact. I would be interested in providing consultation to small 
farm operations and/or research in improving
and managing sub-tropical soils properties for agricultural use.  If you 
have any direct contacts or can provide advice on how to approach working 
down there, I could use help.

Any help is greately appreicated.

Thank you,

Roger A. Haring
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