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#3349: Lafanmi Selavi Film (fwd)

From: Alan Traugott <rozal@earthlink.net>

Mr. Corbett, I'm going to ask you for information Lee Flynn sent me, but
which I lost.  I belong to a group in San Jose, CA, called LACES.  We have
had a 5-8 year relationsip with the Bay Area Haitian American Council,
BAHACO.  We are interested in showing the film toward the end of May.  Can
you tell me whether Lafanmi Selavi is available as a video, or only in film?
We would like to know what the costs are associated with the showing and
whether somone from the Bay Area would be present.  I have tried to reach
Lee Flynn, but she is apparently out of town until sometime in July. 
Unfortunately, we need to know all of this to put in a newsletter going out
April 30.  If you see this in time and can accomplish miracles, plese do.  I
can also be reached by phone at (408) 923-7001 and at the above e-mail
address, of course.  Thank you for whatever you do.    Al Traugott
PS.  I presume everybody from Lafanmi Selavi has gone back to Haiti by now.