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#3369: 1994 book: Hot Times In Haiti

>From Bob Corbett:

Just when I was working on entering some new books into my library,
Richard Morse's very sobering "ramblings" came in.  It started me 
thinking how different Haiti seems than so many other Caribbean countries 
since tourism is quite the same.   So many "tourists" are sort of part
time tourists, in Haiti for other purposes -- journalism, development or 
what Gerry Murray has termed "devotional tourism."

But one book I have here in my lap celebrates the "good life" in Haiti 
and virtually ignores anything else.  The book is:  HOT TIMES IN HAITI by 
Tony Hattenbach.  Among other things he is self-described as a habituat
of most of the more upscale hotels and nightspots of Port-au-Prince.

This work, a 148 page monograph, was written in 1993 and seemingly 
published in 1994.  it seems to have been privately printed.

Anyone know the book or author?

Bob Corbett