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#3370: Two more books of note or to ask about

>From Bob Corbett

Ah, still at work, and probably another 50 to 60 books to enter into my 
library program.  Needless to say, I go behind BIG TIME!	

However, two items for you.

1.  A quite scarce book which I've been after for 15 years finally turned 
up from a British dealer.  It was very expensive, but I'm happy to have it.
This book was published in 1937 by Froben Press in New York.  It's a quite
scholarly book about syphilis, not Haiti.  However, there was evidently a 
common belief in medical literature that somehow Haiti was the origin of
syphilis -- Hispaniola.  Holcomb believes this story is silly and sets 
out to establish it.

So, just thought you'd all like to know AIDS wasn't the first major 
disease blamed on Haiti!!!

2.  A Haitian author I have really enjoyed is Dany Laferriere.  I thought 
I had all his books and have reviews of two of them on my web site.  But,
just a couple of months ago one I'd never heard of turned up on some book 
dealer's list:  A DRIFTING YEAR.  Published in 1997 in Vancouver by
Douglas and McIntyre.  I haven't read it yet, but will try to get to it 
this summer.  (Hmmmm, my summer list seems to nearly the size of the 
Library of Congress.  I think like the kid in the candy store my eyes are 
bigger than my reading capacity.)

Any of you know this novel of Laferriere?

Now, back to the cataloguing work!

Bob Corbett