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#3395: Durban counts toilets for Dorce (fwd)

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

Kathy Dorce's response to Rosann re. her son's treatment
(or mistreatment) as a missionary in Haiti was right on the
money.  Very perceptive and it contains good advice for any
missionary in a new culture.  My compliments, Kathy.

I've really been waiting for a chance to compliment you as
a way of counter-balancing a response I made to a broad
brush comment you made about class division in Haiti.  Bob
had edited me out... felt it was to personal... but the
larger point I was trying to make back in January  was that
many of the obviously concerned, educated, and competent
folks on this list who live in the States could do more if
they were back IN HAITI.   

So with my apologies to Kathy Dorce if this seems a bit
harsh, I re-submit (below) my January 4th comments for our
moderator's reconsideration....

In replying to Morse, Dorce wrote...

    As far as the revolution is concerned, you have
  neglected to consider the main reason Haiti is still
  mired in quicksand and going nowhere fast: the social,
  economic, cultural and class division where the few
  have power and wealth and the rest live in misery
  (please do not glorify the piddling middle class....
  it isn't enough.) ... As long as those in power steal
  and suck Haiti dry without putting anything back,
  Haiti will continue to decline.

Now just a minute, Kathy Dorce.  I've lived in Haiti, have
running water and more that one toilet IN my house, and
drive (myself) to work in my own car!  So, I'm not really
living in misery.  Guess that must mean I am one of those
with power and wealth, stealing and sucking Haiti dry.  

Your simplistic view of things is really rather insulting
to the large number of very hard working folks who fall in
that "piddling" middle class.  It also insults people who
have wealth but have worked hard to get it and have
struggled in-country to help Haiti develop.  It's pretty
easy to take pot shots from a comfortable lifestyle in the
U.S. but I'll be more impressed when you put your money
where mouth is and return to Haiti to get involved in
turning things around.  And if you live in a house with
fewer toilets than mine, well then, I'll really take my hat
off to you.

L. Durban

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