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#3396: Toilet inventory: Dorce replies to Durban


In a message dated 04/29/2000 11:38:35 AM Pacific Daylight Time, Lance Durban 
<lpdurban@yahoo.com writes:

<< Now just a minute, Kathy Dorce.  I've lived in Haiti, have
 running water and more that one toilet IN my house, and
 drive (myself) to work in my own car!  So, I'm not really
 living in misery.  Guess that must mean I am one of those
 with power and wealth, stealing and sucking Haiti dry.  
 Your simplistic view of things is really rather insulting
 to the large number of very hard working folks who fall in
 that "piddling" middle class.  >>
Point well taken Lance and be comforted that I
often get criticized for making dramatic sweeping
statements.  I admit I do it to emphasize my point,
and want to assure you I do not mean every person 
with money is evil incarnate.  When I said piddling with
regard to the middle class, I refer to the number of people in Haiti who fall 
into that class, not enough to make me smile and I
bet you agree with that!  In a healthy capitalist economy it should look like 
a diamond: small upper class, small lower class and big middle class. I feel 
posting on a listserv makes it necessary sometimes to speak simplistically, 
the big picture instead of the minutiae.  
Here is a quote from me to Morse that you cited in your post to me:
  "As long as those in power steal
  and suck Haiti dry without putting anything back,
  Haiti will continue to decline."
When I say those in power, I do not mean you or anyone else with any number 
of toilets.  I mean what I say, those in POWER.  The worst those others may 
do is live with the system and do nothing to change it.  I don't really blame 
them for that.....look at the US......we live all our lives like that 
here...or most of us do.  Rarely even voting.  
Lance continues:
"It's pretty easy to take pot shots from a comfortable lifestyle in the
U.S. but I'll be more impressed when you put your money
where mouth is and return to Haiti to get involved in
turning things around.  And if you live in a house with
fewer toilets than mine, well then, I'll really take my hat
off to you."
Agreed and that is my goal (toilets notwithstanding).  I have been trying 
to get to Haiti to live since 1986 but conditions being what they are, and 
not knowing how to contribute without intruding, has hindered
my plans.  If I were to go I would work for Aristide.  Any suggestions
anyone?  I'm ready and I'd like to see Lance Durban's panama tombé! ;)

With respect,

Kathy Dorcé