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#3420: Slavin on 1823 Niles Weekly Register Op-Ed (fwd)

From: Patrick Slavin <pslavin@unicefusa.org>


Many thanks for posting the article. In it, the unsigned piece says the French
deployed 100,000 troops to fight Toussaint -- can the historians (professional
and amateur) on the list confirm this number (I've always used the James number
of 50,000) AND the point that Great Britain used its Navy to support French
military operations in Saint-Domingue? London's support doesn't surprise me but
I had never made the connection before. Lastly, can someone tell me how many
soldiers and mercenaries the British sent to fight against the U.S. Continental
Army? I suspect it will be dramatically less than France's army in Saint-
Domingue -- which I think will underscore, yet again,the extraordinary Haitian
War of Independence.