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#3421: Haiti Slipping Deeper into Crisis: Wharam comments

From: Bruce Wharram <bruce.wharram@sylvania.sev.org>

The article by Mark Fineman, Los Angeles Times, Saturday April 29, 2000
raises a question.  Mr. Fineman writes:  "Last month also marked the
beginning of major political violence in Haiti, where nearly a dozen
candidates and local party leaders -- mostly opposition figures -- have
been slain during the ongoing parliamentary an municipal campaign."  In
any political campaign everyone involved is an "opposition figure" to
someone of a rival party.  What was Mr. Fineman referring to?  Who/ what
party was the "opposition" and who/what party is he indicating did the
slaying?  I'm not a journalist, but it would seem to me that good
journalism would not leave the reader hanging in this regard.

Bruce Wharram