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#3432: Truth and Justice Commission Final Report (fwd)

From: James Sullivan <purenonsequitur@hotmail.com>


This concerns the Truth and Justice Commission Final Report - 4th part, 
which deals with presumed persecuters- Enfin, la liste de presumes 
assassins! Le rapport final de la Commission Verite et Justice(annexe 4) que 
Max Antoine garde jalousement dans ses tiroirs.

I have this list of presumed persecutors, which gives names along with 
military affliation, rank or group such as FRAPH, along with an assigned 
four digit number(Jean Melanis FRAPH P0722 p. 31, etc) and with a page 
number. I'm wondering where I can find the document that this list refers 
to. I have parts 1-3 of the report and with the Victims list in annexe 3  it 
gives the incidents of murder, abuse and torture. I'd like to find the 
document that gives more information on what the people in the persecutors 
list are being accused of. I would be grateful for any leads.


                                            James Sullivan, Esquire

                                            Miami FL

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