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#3435: New York court officer caught with cocaine in Haiti (fwd)


WIRE:05/02/2000 14:23:00 ET
New York court officer caught with cocaine in
PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) - A New York police official was  arrested
 at Haiti's international airport trying to smuggle  cocaine onto a
plane bound for New York, police said Tuesday.  Jessie Mae Thompson, 35,
a New York court officer, had 4.2  kilograms of cocaine taped to her
body when she was nabbed  Friday, said police spokesman Jean-Dady
Simeon. She told police it was her 15th voyage smuggling drugs from 
Haiti. Thompson offered police the names and addresses of  several
American and Haitian drug trafficking associates, Simeon  said. About 14
percent of the drugs smuggled from Colombia to the  United States each
year passes through Haiti and the neighboring  Dominican  Republic, U.S.
drug officials estimate.