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#3473: What Jean Dominique revealed! (fwd)


Today, the third day of Radio Haiti Inter, they started the show with the 
commentary by Jean in which he revealed the secret and illegal contract 
between the CNO and the CEP , which in direct violation of the electoral 
laws, gives the CNO, headed by Leopold Berlanger, a large percent of power 
and direction over the whole election process.  I believe this was his last 
commentary and probably the most important (if you know what I mean).

Radio Haiti Inter also broadcast all Jean's interviews relating to this 
illegal and secret deal.  

Please make every attempt to get a copy and air it, translate it, transcribe 
it, post it, fax it, email and by all means request that the CIP website post 
it along side all their propaganda!

Don't let Jean' Dominique's death be in vein!  Work against the electoral 
coup d'etat!