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#3474: Question/Offer (fwd)

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

        Greetings from Haiti! I am writing to you because I wish you to 
     decide whether the following would be appropriate for your list. This 
     is being done at this time, especially in light of the article 
     regarding Food for the Poor, from whom I receive regular assistance, 
     and have for more than ten years.
        A group in the United Kingdom (The Orthodox Hospitalers of St. 
     John) has a large shipment of hospital equipment which they wish to 
     send to Haiti. (Hospital beds, tables, lamps, examination equipment, 
     artificial limbs, etc.) They are in touch with us because we are the 
     only Greek Orthodox Church in Haiti, and we have two clinics in rural 
     areas, and they are interested in helping us. We, of course, can not 
     use all the equipment for ourselves and would like to make most of it 
     available to others in the country who have needs. Our problem, 
     however, is that we do not have a franchise for receiving items into 
     Haiti. We are in the process of applying for such a franchise, but it 
     will take longer to receive than the group in the UK can wait.
        I do not have the time to contact individuals here in Haiti to ask 
     about their interest, and wonder if your service might be able to 
     advertise our needs. We are only asking for someone in Haiti to 
     receive the items; all shipping costs will be paid by the organization 
     and the Greek Orthodox Church. Several approaches to other 
     organizations in Haiti and elsewhere have met with no results; would 
     some of your readers wish to help in this situation? We would be most 
     appreciative. It would be a shame to lose all those items for our 
                       Most sincerely,
                       Father Michael Graves