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#3475: Book by list member Jean Saint-Vil

From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>

"Bondye kreye moun, moun kreye relijyon. Vwala se relijyon ki vle montre 
moun Bondye!"   Jafrikayiti, Viv Bondye! Aba Relijyon! paj 134

Finally it is born and out there!

It is my pleasure to inform members of the list that my first book "Viv 
Bondye, aba Relijyon" is now published.

see: http://www.haitiantimes.com/arts.html

In "Viv Bondye, aba Relijyon" I follow the historical footprints of 
Christianity, from its infancy to the present period and provide an analysis 
of the main elements of the religion. The legendary stories of historical 
figures: Jesus, Paul and Constantine are surveyed and analysed. The sacred 
book of the Christians (the Bible) is also scrutinised in order to answer a 
basic question: Does the Bible reveal the fingerprints of an infallible 
divinity or that of the common Homo sapiens?

Within the confines of its 199 pages, this document gives the reader a 
generous amount of verifiable facts about Christianity (including, the 
Christian experience in Ayiti) seen from an Afrocentric view of world 

I use a brand of Haitian Kreyòl that is simple, direct, personal.
Enough avertising...

"Viv Bondye, aba Relijyon!" is now available in Miami at Libreri Mapou, In 
Pòtoprens at Centre Culturel Pyepoudre and by direct order to 
jafrikayiti@hotmail.com. In the coming days, visit also the Kreyòl forum of 
windowsonhaiti.com for discussions on the subject. The book signing in 
Ottawa-Hull will take place next Sturday May 13th, at 6.pm (Maison du 
Citoyen, Hull)

Check out Brian Stevens' piece about "Viv Bondye aba Relijyon" in the Arts 
and culture section of this week's Haitian Times at



«Anpil fwa, nan relijyon, blakawout anvayi lespri moun. Se poutèt sa, 
gendelè gwo zotobre mèt relijyon yo toupizi yon seri verite tounèf. Pou 
anpeche moun pale laverite: yo eskominye, yo pèsekite, yo menm rive touye 
pitit Bondye. Kòmkidire, pou bare chimen laverite, zotobre legliz òganize sa 
yo mete yon kokenn chenn maswife sou chimen nèg k ap bouske limyè laverite».

Doktè. Martin Luther King nan Strength to Love, 1963

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