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#3476: Creole Publishing Story in This Week's Haitian Times (fwd)


Fellow Corbetters,

I'm still in Seattle, having just participated in two language technologies 
conferences, but I am happy to report that -- even though I haven't seen it 
yet -- the article featuring Mason Integrated Technologies and CreoleTrans 
has made it into this week's Haitian Times print edition.

In reading the business article in this week's on-line edition, I found this 
at the bottom of the page (http://www.haitiantimes.com/business.html):

This week's other business story. . .

Computer Company to Provide Standard Written Form of Creole

Read more in the current issue of the Haitian Times!

A listing of where the Haitian Times can be purchased in metropolitan New 
York and New Jersey and in Miami can be found at:



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