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#3541: Culture Vulturism: Settle comments

From: jackie settle <jackiesettle@yahoo.com>


Houngans and Mambos do NOT charge people
admission for the privilege of attending
ceremonies, the  vast majority of which are open
to the public.


Sorry, but some of them DO charge. I was in Haiti
in 1978 and my Haitian friends wanted to take me
to see a public ceremony.  It was the first of
November and there were many ceremonies going on.
 We were far out in the country, and definately
not in a tourist area.  I was the only white
person there.  I was asked to pay $10 for the
previlage of attending while none of the other
persons there had to. I refused, and we left.
 My friends then took me to 2 more ceremonies
which I did not have to pay for. I found out
later it was because they had been asked for
money for me to attend but one of the friends
said I was his wife, so that made it ok for me to
attend for free.  Some do charge if they think
they can get the money!
I had no objection to paying, I just didn't want
to be the only one that had to pay!

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