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#3540: Dr. Ary Bordes : Durban comment and Corbett adds

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

> Does anyone know the political connections of the
> physician they just killed?

I have no idea of Dr. Bordes recent doings (I suppose he
was retired), but there was an interesting book published
over 20 years ago by the Unitarian-Universalist Service
Committee through the Beacon Press in Boston titled:


It was a story of the life of Dr. Ary Bordes and his work
in Public Health in Haiti, in particular a project in Fonds
Parisien out near the Dominican Border at least partially
financed by the Unitarians.  It's been years since I read
it, but as I recall it wasn't too badly written, and our
moderator probably has a copy stashed away in his
collection.  Dr. Bordes would have been active in public
health back in the Duvalier Era, but whether that would
have any connection with his murder the other day is

Lance Durban  

Corbett adds:  I had met Dr. Bordes about 15 years ago and thought highly
up him and his work.  I was especially enamoured of his book.  I have some
excerpts from it on my web site at:


Bob Corbett