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#3565: Caribean Culture forum (fwd)

From: Yacine Khelladi <yacine@aacr.net>

Dear Corbetters,

I would like to invite all persons related to Haitian Culture and
Haitian Arts to participate and exchange with other Caribbean cultural
activist, seeking building dialogue and South South

This mail is addressed to all individuals interested in culture in the
Caribbean, and more precisely to artistic and cultural operators in that
region, whatever their specialty might be.

We have pleasure to announce that FUNREDES (http://www.funredes.org) has
launched, in collaboration with Kalal˙-Danza
(http://kiskeya-alternative.org/kalalu), a mailing list dedicated to
Caribbean culture. It will facilitate exchanges focused on the
and regional cultural policies, but will also promote information flow
these thematic in a more general framework.

We invite you to join this electronic conference named SALSA. An
translation (in French, Spanish and English) will be operative in order
facilitate exchanges and cooperation on this list. However, rather then
offering high quality translations, this software will primarily give
everyone an opportunity to write and read in language of his choice.

If you want to know more about the list, we invite you to visit its
presentation at http://funredes.org/salsa
If you would like to subscribe immediately, you can fill out the
subscription form available at

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Sincerely yours, 

List moderators and animators,
Pedro Ure˝a Rib - <p.urena.rib@codetel.net.do>
and Yacine Khelladi - <yacine@aacr.net> from
Kalal˙-Danza (http://kiskeya-alternative.org/kalalu)