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#3566: A reply to Settle



I was glad to read your post and to see that some Mambos or Hougans do put 
some restrictions to the general laws of hospitality.

I spend about one third of my time in Haiti and each time I hear the 
complains of many of my colleagues about foreigners and some well to-do 
Haitians alike, who invade their places. They all expect to be served drinks 
and food and do not participate to the cost of the ceremonies.

Useless to say that I am the first one to tell them: "pa palé, mandé yo you 
ti tchotcho, ou konnen blan sé kokoyé" (Stop complaining, make them pay since 
they don't understand).

Foreigners often disturb the ceremonies, take million pictures, put their 
microphones under the mouth of the Houngenikon (the lead singer) and if they 
decide to film, make everybody agonize under the heat of the projectors in a 
little crowded place.

Money is rarely their concern, they say things such as : We will make you 
famous! Nobody is paid for our services, etc... Finally, they are the only 
ones to profit when they sell their pictures or films without release, 
knowing perfectly well that the poor people of Haiti have no recourse against 

Neo colonialism takes many different forms.

Bébé Pierre Louis