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#3654: Does this sound like the lwa Baron to you? Grey replies to Lewis


<< Your understanding of Gran Bwa seems rather unique but perhaps if you 
 could give me at least one song that supports your understanding, I would be 
 willing to admit my error on his "interest in sexual matters"!  As a matter 
 of fact,  I am speaking of my experience in initiations and in belonging to 
 many  "asanblé dé Hougan et dé Manbo".  >>

Well, you speak from yours and I will speak from mine.  I already said what I 
have to say.
    << I believe that this is another confusion of yours when you say that 
 Loko is the one who gives the asson in spite of the well known song: 
 " Papa Loko,
 Sé ou menm ki ban'm ason":>>

Paka Loko, it is you who gives me the asson.  What is so hard to understand?  
When initiates about to become asogwe go to the suleliye, the ceremony in 
which they are given the asson, Papa Loko comes to the head of the initiating 
Houngan or Mambo, and GIVES THE INITIATE THE ASSON.  Once you are asogwe and 
you have the ceremony, you will also get an asson from Papa Loko in the head 
of your initiator, and you will also be able to attend this ceremony at the 
houses of other initiates, and you will be able to see first hand that this 
is how it is.  Or if you like, go to Haiti and tell them Gran Bwa gives the 
asson, and see what happens.

<<On the subject of a peristyle built on a Hougan's property but belonging 
 to the Hounsis, I can only say: m'...! >>

I am not a hounsi.  The peristyle does not belong to hounsis.  Although if a 
hounsi comes to the peristyle and wants to sleep, she or he can not be turned 
away.  The perisytle and the land it is on is the personal property of Yabofe 
Bon Houngan to be sure, but I repeat that if I wanted to go there tomorrow 
and live and work and serve as a Mambo in that house I am perfectly free to 
do so, as has been made clear to me repeatedly.  Also, when Yabofe and I do 
initiations together, I am the mother of the initiates and Yabofe is their 
father, no matter which of us is possessed by Papa Loko to give the asson to 
asogwe candidates during that particular kanzo.

<<Your "father" Luc Gédéon whom I had the pleasure to meet a few times at the 
 hounfò of Roz an fé, knew the particular story of that hounfò quite well at 
 the death of Hougan Auguste and if you speak that way it is just for lack of 
 instruction. >>

What are you talking about?  I haven't made much comment about Wozanfe.
<<Personally, I do not see much difference between someone selling soaps for 
$40 or someone selling a machete for fifty US dollars when it costs about 
three dollars in Haiti... thus, making more than 1000 % profit...>>

You DON'T?  Well, let me explain it to you.  "Spiritual soap" is not made or 
used by any Houngan or Mambo I have ever seen in Haiti, and the purveyor of 
this "spiritual soap" is not correctly initiated anyway.  On the other hand, 
machetes are part of orthodox Vodou service, and not only am I a correctly 
initiated Mambo, I am the one who has to go buy them, lug them home ten at a 
time, carry the heavy suitcase back to the USA, etc.,  -  BUT I am NOT the 
only one who profits from the sales, the benefits are shared.

Peace and love,

Bon Mambo Racine Sans Bout Sa Te La Daginen

"Se bon ki ra", 
     Good is rare - Haitian Proverb

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