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#3655: Corbett simply calling an end to the Grey/DeGraff Creole issue

Folks, I just don't have the time to spend on processing these posts further.
It is as clear as can be that Kathy Grey declares in no uncertain terms
she doesn't accept the dictionary versions of Haitian Creole spelling.
Since there hasn't been a single post to support that, and dozens which do 
(those I've posted and twice as many as I haven't since they were simply
duplicates of the others), it is safe to say than there just isn't any
suport for this view on the list.

I am busy and just don't have time to keep going in circles with these
posts, so I'm just going to delete further posts to Kathy on this issue.
Or from Kathy on this issue.

If NEW issue comes up in the dicussion of Creole NOT directed to Kathy,
I will happily post those.  But this issue, as currently engaged,
just goes nowhere.

Bob Corbett