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#3706: Haiti Labeled As Drug State : A reply to Nelson's comments


In a message dated 05/18/2000 8:18:18 AM Pacific Daylight Time, Reverand Bob 
Nelson writes:

<<  The sad 
 fact remains that Haiti is what it is today because of failed U.S. policy to 
 give aid responsibly.   >>
I wish it were innocent incompetance on the part of US representatives who 
administered foreign aid to Haiti (and elsewhere).  Unfortunately, I think it 
was payment for services rendered or to be rendered.  Same as lobbying, same 
as campaign support by corporations.....simply and evilly: bribery and graft. 
 I have come to understand my country's foreign policy is never for the 
benefit of the "people", but of the wealthy at the top of the pyramid.  And 
most of all, if it is in the "best interests of the United States of 
America", it means it's good for big business.  It will only change when the 
multitudes take a stand.  I'll tell everyone I know and you all do the