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#3707: The language discussion: Is there are REAL difference or just a mi... Dorce comments


It seems to me that with a language that is in it's developmental stages as 
Haitian Creole is at this time, there is a definate need for standardization 
which is the position supported by the linguists (I am assuming).  That is 
when a spoken language is upgraded to include the written recording of words 
and grammar, there has to be a right and wrong way to spell and say a word.  
Then once this is known, there is always the fluidity of regional accents and 
slang that makes the language alive and growing.  All the linguists are 
asking is for a window of rigidity so that the standardization can take roots 
then the flexibility (to a point) can be slowly added.  All, of course, 
submitted from a lay person's perspective...;)