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#3708: A spoken word piece on Creative Survivalism--Reply FROM judejb


That was a really beautiful piece. But i still disagree with some of the tenents. I will never underate the activity in haiti because nothing makes me happier than going home and seing the dynamism of the streets of Port-au-Prince. But I think I didnt phrase it correctly. I shoild not have said "lack of imagination" i should have said lack of vision. Seeing things not as they are but as they could be. things are done as they have always been done back home. What we need is inovators who run with an idea. During the embargo my parents had on car converted to run on propane, many people in haiti did the same. The mechanics who did it to me are GENIUSES. but as soon as the embargo was over it was back to the same o, same o. With the high price of fuel in haiti ($7 gallon), why didn't someone run with it? (humm maybe i will). But i do see it. I came to the states for schooling and experience which i intend to return and mix it with haitian enginuity and keep on keeping on. Yes the!
 spending of money to get on a boat is an investment but with the odds as they are now is it a wise investment? 

I always say in my post "I feel" or "I think". I dont claim to speak for others just for myself. In order to keep us grounded my father once took us to his childhood home. The romm from which i write you know is more than twice the size of the home he share with his Mother and 4 siblings. he showed me the light  pole under which he studied when there was electricity and always pointed to the lampe tet bobech he used when their wasnt. I may not know the plight directly but my parents made sure that we knew that we where one step away from that small hut.

Love the poetry