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#3767: Haiti-Elections (update) Pina comments

From: kevin pina <cariborganics@hotmail.com>

"Most pre-election violence was committed by Lavalas supporters, though the 
party denies involvement."

"Saturday night, there was a small explosion at Aristide's midtown
center for homeless people, but no one was hurt.":

Do these two juxtaposed statements strike anyone else as ironic?
Everything has been relatively calm and quiet with respect to the process. 
Many people got to the polls early expecting there would be difficultly in 
casting their ballot.

The so-called opposition and the US press have already stepped up their 
attacks on Aristide, Preval and Lavalas. Dany Toussaint's name has 
resurfaced along with that of his predecessor Cherubin in press reports tied 
to the elections. They are said to be on a list compiled for Clinton of 
Aristide and Preval "confidants" suspected of drug dealing and political 

Accusations of Aristide and Preval surrounding themselves with proverbial 
"drug barons" and assassins is nothing new afterall(We should have expected 
as much given the advanced warning provided by Olivier Nadal). These 
accusations are patently uncorroborated,unverified, and unconfirmed. Despite 
this they conveniently leave a lingering residue and cast an exceptional 
shadow over the process of elections in Haiti.

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