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#3768: Xavier posts news from Haiti heard on Creole radio

From: Ednair Xavier <zantray@bellatlantic.net>

Continuous news in Creole of the election are reaching the US by phone
live/direct to radio stations from their correspondents in Haiti. I just
heard that:

1) There are unspecified irregularities in Aux Cayes and Pétionville. In
Grande Anse, there are talks of postponing the election to next Sunday.
2) Ballots intented for Jacmel wound up at Au Cap-Haitien.
3) In Croix-des-Bouquets, a man shot a policeman, who is in critical
condition. The policeman's partner shot and killed the man.
4) Yvon Neptune reports that someone threw a bomb at Lafanmi Selavi's
building. There is no bodily injury or loss of life. Material damages
are said to be significant.

Elsewhere, for now, things seem to be proceeding normally, due to the
fact that voters simply went to vote, returned and stayed home, as if
the country were under a curfew, the reporter said.

I will post any new significant development. Xavier.