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#3784: GU's Creative Survivalism - Gill replies to Poincy on authoritarian government


i think Poincy is using reason in his post......i think we should admit that
the question of how to maintain stability, since we certainly can see the
results of a Haiti with very little if any of this, is one that either goes
unanswered, or not talked about, thinking perhaps that hiding one's head in
the sand will make the problem disappear......which it will not.....

in fact, for Haiti to function at all, some change from present conditions
is imperative, for the current malaise will have to break, one way or

i think Poincy feels, and he can correct me if i am wrong, that only some
form of authoritarianism is capable of ending the current chaos......and, he
is probably right....since there is no institutional respect for law and
order, and no internal force capable of maintaining such, then the bottom
line question is and has been:......how will basic social order be

the UN kept Aristide/Preval "propped up" but this force no longer is
present, and we know the Police are simply not able to perform this
role.....Haiti does not have the resources or the political will to insure
neutrality for this armed force......for this to happen, one would have to
believe in miracles.......

thus, what will happen?  may i suggest that if Aristide wins, he will move,
albeit carefully, toward far more authoritarian control than his supporters
would like.......and, i think he will do it precisely for the reasons i have
stated above.......maintenance of social order, reduction of crime,
violence, etc......and, his rational will be, and correctly so, that order
must be restored.....

he will have to get control of the Police and then use this force to
maintain order......

what are the alternatives?  ( and, i am referring to the "real" alternatives
that he will actually have at his disposal )

when i have posted about how order will be maintained, i have noticed very
little response......however, it is looming as the key variable for the
future.......and, some solution is an absolute must.....