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#3783: On "Se bon ki ra" (fwd)

From: Francois Canal <axxaxx@yahoo.com>

>  Dialectal variation
> in Haiti does not run without ends.  For example, I
> still haven't found any
> native speaker who agrees with the syntax of the
> Haitian `proverb' "Se bon
> ki ra".  And I myself am still puzzled at this
> construction.  (Can any
> other Creole speaker comment on the acceptability of
> this construction?)

If thought can be lent to the author of the
ill-formed, claimed to be Haitian proverb "Se bon ki
ra" (
Good is rare), a correct rendering of the English
equivalence in Haitian is : "Sa ki bon difisil pou
jwenn". I joined Michel in stating that "Se bon ki ra"
does not even qualify as a literal translation (word
for word) or interpretation of the English sentence in
Haitian Creole.

Other native speakers care to contribute?

Francois Canal
105 SE 4th Ave Apt#B
Boynton Beach, FL 33435

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