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#3782: On the Kreyol orthography (fwd)

From: E Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

RESPECT for the "Kreyol orthography". I've been following the discussion on 
the Kreyol orthography. Well, once in a while the "language discussion" 
reappear in CORBETTLAND. Some key Aitian linguists have taken their time 
reviewing what have been published in Kreyol some 40 years ago in order to 
simplify an orthography that makes (first) native speakers suitable in 
learning how to read and write in their first language (including those who 
already know how in the Voltairian language).

So far, there has been a lot of progress toward the SIMPLIFYING process (if 
we read Kreyol publications in Aitian media such as "Bon Nouvèl", "Haiti 
Progrès", "SICRAD", "AYITI FANM"...). Though these editors are not 
linguists, but so far not a bad job they've been doing.

We can see clearly see the dropping of the "apwostòf" and "tirè" (which have 
no semantic value) but rather creating more CONFUSION for people who are 
just learning to read and write the language of Ayiti (when they were always 
wandering where exactly to put them; some people would just put them 
anywhere.). The 'tirè' has to be there when cutting a word at the end of a 
margin (for syllabification).

Not long ago, the tireless American missionary, Marilyn Mason developed a 
software to convert creole orthographies (good news for all creolophone 
countries!). That's an opportunity for a publication boom in Kreyol. Some 
materials (in the 60's and 70's) that have been published in Kreyol and can 
be used as "teaching materials" in Aiti (by converting them in the new 
orthography with a simple CLICK that takes few seconds).

We don't have EVERYTHING yet in Kreyol (in terms of publication, textbooks, 
teaching materials...) but, at least SOMETHING. So, we don't know yet what 
the next "Aitian leader" who will swear in next year (on Feb. 7, 2001) has 
in his "straw bag" for EDUCATION (in order to take advantage of this new 
technology), a field that has always been neglected because there's no real 
in investment in it and it's the most important one for the development of 

"Depi nan Ginen te gen bon nèg."

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