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#3803: Re: #3787: On the spelling of "youn" - A reply


Subject: #3787: On the spelling of "youn" - Lamour replies to a question
> dear michael,
> please do understand that in haitian creole each grapheme has
> a distinct phonological value which remains pretty much
> the same regardless of its position within a syllable or a word...
> instead of varying their values, haitian graphemes when blended
> tend to produce linguistic assimilations...
Dear yvon:
        Thank you very much for your most welcome explanation. What I
further would like to know is how to pronounce each of the various graphemes
so that I can be understood by the largest possible number of Haitians. In
particular, I would like to know the overall best way of pronouncing such
words as:
1) bonč, lonč, oto, poto
2) yon
3) moun, bouboun, chouchoun, koukoun
4) yonn and youn when used as  indefinite pronouns
5) youn when used as an indefinite article

Perhaps there is an article in the archives which discusses how to pronounce
these. Thank you very much for your help with these pronunciations.


Michael Fitzpatrick