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#3804: Olivier Nadal's analysis (fwd)

From: K. M. Ives <kives@gateway.net>

Stripped of any democratic varnish, here is Nadal in all his
pro-putschist glory! Also, check out the attacks on the Cuban doctors.

   By Olivier Nadal, President of Haiti's
Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

   Once again President Clinton seems bent upon
delivering Haiti to the absolute dictatorial
control of Jean Bertrand Aristide, completing a
process he initiated with his 1994 invasion,
followed by the fraudulent Clinton-validated
1995-96 elections.

Aristide's original 1991 government was anything
but democratic in nature.Violence and chaos
swpet the nation. Dozens were "necklaced". On
August 13,1991 Aristide's parliament held a
non-confidence vote against the Aristide/Preval
government. Only 11 voted with Aristide.
Aristide urged his mob to kill and burn.Two
presidential candidates were murdered. Aristide
was remove from office.The military stepped in
to maintain order. Aristide flew into exile.

A Supreme Court justice was appointed to the
Provisional Presidency. Parliament scheduled new
elections for December of 1991. These were
blocked by the American government. Then,
without any investigation of the facts, our OAS
brothers placed an illegal embargo against
Haiti, after Ariside's demand. The American
government turned Haiti's frozen assets over to
Aristide without control. This supported a
massive PR campaign. Aristide hanged the world's
perception of reality and created the biggest
political imposture in Latin America and the
Caribbean presenting himself as "The Champion of
Democracy". Aristide demonized Haiti's military
to a point that no one commented upon its
destruction, even though the army was Haiti's
only structured element of law-and-order. This
was replaced by an Aristide controlled police
force, now coordinating much of the cocaine
traffic into America. It is greatly responsible
for much of the violence in Haiti as Aristide
directs their activities from his 50 plus acre
estate at Tabarre. Not bad for a priest who
renounced his "vows of poverty" in October of
1990. He is now said to be worth over one
billion dollars-much of his cocaine related!!

 The American invasion of Haiti saw peace
replaced by chaos. Contrary to the popular
opinion, Haiti had more economic stability and
public order, during the 1991-1994 period, than
it has experienced since Clinton's vaunted
return of democracy on the points of 23,000
American bayonets.

Our constitution required parliamentary
elections during December of 1994. These would
have seen Lavalas defeated in a landslide.
Aristide delayed these, much as he has delayed
the current elections,until he controlled the

Aristide threatened to stay for "three more
years" replacing those he spent in Washington
exile, or Clinton could accept Ariside's puppet,
the unpopular, alcoholic Preval. Haiti's
political parties boycotted the elections.
Foreign interference forced the vote
Aristide-generated violence kept the Haitian
public terror-stricken.What transpired was the
December,1995 criminal acceptance of a
completely flawed electoral process. M. Rene
Preval was president with less than 2 percent of
the potential voters turning out. Aristide
controls Preval.

Since Aristide's return, he eliminated all
meaningful opposition creating a situation
wherein he is simultaneous power and opposition.
Once again Haiti experiences a round of violence
and chaos that has the population terrified.
Once again, the Clinton Administration focused
upon having an election, any election in Haiti.
This is not democracy and will  guarantee the
end of Haiti's chances to grasp this elusive
American philosophical concept.

Money talks!!  Hundreds of millions were stolen
from aid funding by the Aristide/Preval team.
Hugh Rodham, President Clinton's brother-in-law,
is in business partnerships with Aristide's
wife. Certain American congressman have
benefitted from their involvement with Aristide.
Aristide boasts that his payroll in Washington
exceeds the government payroll in Haiti.

The Clinton administration has avoided comment
upon the vast Cuban involvement in Haiti, with
Fidel Castro. Since Preval's "selection" we have
experienced an influx of Cuban "medical and
agricultural experts"more skilled at the field
stripping of an AK-47 than the treatment of
ingrowntoenails.The result- a paramilitary force
of more than 20,000.We have transmitted our
fears but these comments have been ignored.
Last fall, American Ambassador Timothy Mc Carney
resigned in disgust overthe situation.

Originally, President Clinton invaded so that,
in his own words, "Haiti will no longer be a
haven for drug dealers who use it as a
transhipment link to flood the United States
with cocaine and marijuana." Now, powder, is the
currency of Haiti as cocaine runs rampant. DEA
sources state less than one percent of America's
cocaine transited during the Cedras period.
Immediately after America's official withdrawal
in 1996 this accelerated to 6 percent. It is now
something over 20%.

By insisting upon May 21  elections, under a lot
of political violence said to be very much
related to Aristide partisans, President Clinton
has delivered my country into the hands of a
dictatorship that will rival allothers.When
Aristide steals the November elections, for
himself or a surrogate,the world will have its
first narco presidency, part of the Clinton

America should redress the crime it has visited
upon my people. Indict Aristide for his control
of the cocaine traffic targeting America's
youth. Remove him from the equation and allow my
country a fragile opportunity to salvage
something from the Clinton-generated disaster
that threatens the ultimate survival of my

In reality, immediate action may be too little
too late!

Mr. Nadal is currently in a forced exile in
Miami due to death threats by Aristide's Lavalas
To contact Mr. Nadal: 305.371.3285 email:

P.S. In order to restore Freedom in Haiti,
please send this article to as many newspapers
and friends as possible.