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#3818: A little logic! Slavin replies to Nadal

From: patrick sylvain <sylvaipa@hotmail.com>

Mr. Nadal,
  I do understand your opinion and you do have the absolute right to any 
opinion. However, let's not confuse facts with opinions.

  In your piece, you seem to concentrate entirely on Aristide as the 
quintessential "bad guy" who must be stopped by all costs and perhaps by all 
means in order to save "your country."  Now, let's assume that you are right 
about Aristide. Again, this is just an assumption. My question to you is: 
where were you or your sense of patriotism prior to Aristide's government?  
Were you an ally or an enemy to the previous regimes?  In your patriotic 
opinion, have we ever had a democratic regime in Haiti? With your wealth and 
your great sense of concern and care, how many hospitals, schools, public 
roads and water fountains have you built?  As a concern Haitian who would 
like to be informed, i would like to have your response.  Your honest 
response that is.

  Now, you have had the privilege to travel and have connections to the 
powers in Washington; and so, I am further assuming that you have a general 
idea of how this country functions. Another word, you know the power, the 
supremacy of the constitution? Yes! In this great country, when President 
Clinton and other officials have allegedly broken the law, the military did 
not start shooting on innocent people and taking over the country by force, 
did they? Instead, right or wrong, they put the constitution to the test and 
allowed the rule of law to take its course.  Mr. Nadal, have we ever had the 
law as the supreme power of the land? Wouldn't it be nice for all of us to 
be equal under the law and to reap all of the benefits we are enjoying in 
this country?

  Mr. Nadal, since you seemed to be concerned about the survival and the 
common welfare of our, "your", lovely country, what, in your humble opinion, 
has the ruling class done for Haiti since 1804?

  What should be done to the business members who refuse to pay their taxes? 
What should be done to the families or individuals who contributed large 
sums to military in order to execute the 1991 "coup d'etats?"	Shouldn't 
those people be prosecuted to the letter of law for violating the 
sovereignty of the nation, assisting and contributing to the destruction of 
innocents, for subverting the constitution and for bribing official members 
of the arm forces?

  Mr.Nadal, don't you like the freedom you are enjoying in this country? 
Wouldn't it be nice for all of us to be enjoying similar freedom in OUR OWN 
COUNTRY?  What do you think??

Oh! A little introspection and reflection can go a long way? So, please 
meditate on the atrocious conditions of Haiti and return to Haiti with all 
the beauty, services, the law, schools, general infrastucture and see if 
your chamber commerce could start thinking about removing "your lovely 
country" from the pit that it is in. What do you think?


Patrick Sylvain
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