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#3819: Creative Survivalism - Poincy continues discussion of authoritarian government

From: Jean Poincy <caineve@idt.net>

Although everyone on the list finds it important to have stability and
order in Ayiti it is true as Dr. Gill points out that not much attention
is given to such a crucial issue. The absence of such is what holds the
country down and much energy has been spent in debating non-essential
issues that the country could go without. 

The time that was spent on beating on Ms. Grey over her choice of
spelling this word and that word, I think, was quite a waste as there
was a unanimous consent of repeating the same argument against Grey lead
by DeGraff. Hadn't Bob revolted against it and I come to challenge
DeGraff to the point that he throws in the towel, we would have everyone
giving their one cent to bring no new argument to an issue that is not
very important to Ayiti right now.

One must realize that facts do better on the list than ideas or real
issues such as the one Dr. Gill brought up. I doubt that it has to do
with the fact a forceful government is to be advocated, for when I have
my take on Dr. Duvalier everyone becomes restless on their seat and
wishes to comment. I just think they fear of being wrong in their

Thinking on the same line with Dr. Gill, I strongly believe that
Aristide is the one to restore order in the country. However, the people
would share any form of authoritarian style of government he would
choose. The people do not really want a liberal democratic government.
The frictions among opposing groups are not due to liberal democratic
values upheld by these groups, but rather to a need to have the full
control of the government. 

Either group would naturally embrace an authoritarian form of
government, as they would have control. The reason I think Aristide is
the best to ensure such control now is his strong bonding with popular
organizations. His good relationship with these groups makes his
opponents envious. Assuming that the groups perpetrating violence are
pro-Aristide, using them to reinstate order is the way to go since they
know the ins and outs of an orderless state.

The danger is if these groups come to dictate national policies, Ayiti
can say good bye to freedom. Yes! Aristide would have to be forceful at
the same time he would have to limit or control the popular
organizations working for him forcefully if need be. However, his
approach in administering the government would need to be cooperative
and be tolerant of minority groups in the government. 

This is where my coup d'état skim against the people would become valid.
Where within government a liberal democratic approach would be in
effect, an authoritarian approach would be needed to keep the people in
check while ensuring their well-being.

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live