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#3823: On the spelling of "youn" - A reply from Lamour



get the help of a native speaker to try to discriminate the following
pairs of words:

yon / yonn
you / youn
yonn / youn
bonè / bonnè
lonè / lonnè
bon / bòn
vodou / vodoun
non / nono
tonèl / tonnè
foufoun / kandjanwoun
dodoun / vodoun
ounsi / tounen

in my years of teaching haitian creole to english speakers,
i have found these graphemes very difficult for them to
master... think how hard the 'th' sound and the discrimination
of minimal pairs such as  feet / fit, heat / hit, pear / peer
are for native haitians learning english and you will be able
to understand the difficulties you are facing with these
creole graphemes...