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#3824: Hudicourt replies to Slavin on Nadal

From: Brigitte Hudicourt <bijou@haitiworld.com>

Dear sir
I do not know who you are but I am 40 years old and I do not believe Olivier
Nadal is that much older neighter is Aristide. I have been growing through
terror all
my life with people telling me that by the fact that I was a mulato and a
little more educated I was guilty of all what was wrong in Haiti.
Since I have been into this world I have tried to correct this to find out
at the age of 40 is that all Haitian an again more the diaspora are all
mistaken about it and all politicien are using this argument to control the
population and prevent the country from changing.
Lately if you understand Haitian numbers 11+11= 22
I have seing this goverment distroy everthing that was possitive because
they were not involve or name in it the same way Duvalier did it. I had as a
simple citizen vote pro-Aristid and I have been disgusted.
This actual gorverment is using all the same people that the previous
military government or Duvalier were using.
I was and I still am against a coup d'etat weither it is with gun or by
tilling the ballot box in which I had putten my vote.I do not believe
anyboddy in Haiti can say that they have not done any mistake in there
jugement but what is clear is that if you where in Haiti today the bad guys
are clearly # 11 and if there were as popular as they pretend to be . If
they had use there energy of 6 year for the better they would not have to do
what they are doing now. We have a drug, Zinglido power. And many POPË twal.
Have can Paul Denis be arrested by palace garde in Les Cayes with a warrent
from a Port-au-Prince Juge and in prison in Pétion-Ville and Pierre Denize
saying that he does not know anything about it . The ballot boxes from six
burreau in  Delmas 105 where I saw people voting all day where stollen at 7
PM and reapered 16 hours latter and ther police station in Pétion-Ville. And
no news showed in America the determined , discipline and lined up Haitian
voting with peace and pried . I was proud to be Haitian after that day. And
the next day all those ballots on the streets everywhere.
What are you to comment about the past an not see the present. Madame
LAuture was getting help from Michele B as she is now from TITID. And her
nephew was going around under her protection killing people?
If we want to go back to Duvalier and the coup Pierrot is being the same
fool as his Father . If father was instrumental in getting PAPA DOC in power
and was a good health minister and created many things until he was not
needded anymore he was dumpped and his wife rape in prison.
When is this going to stop !!!!!!!!
Aristide is now a man full of hate and hate will not get this country
anywhere and all the claim you have there are bringing again hate.
I was in Haiti at the time of the coup . I had been out of the country the
first three month of Aristid and all I knew is that even tha most logical
Humanitarian people around me where happy and I could not understand why I
was looked on as a crazy one because by principle I was agaisnt it . Now I
can say that maybe they had seen more than me and new He was no good
The list of this kind of people in tabarre is very similar to the one that
were in the palace and this why Jean Dominique is no more.
Preval to use is a Pôpe twal an when he tries to have an idea of his own the
person that was behind that idea is back up.
In the country many things are said and known that are never publish.
But ask question ?
What I have done as a citizen you will never know unless you know me because
my life may be in danger if my name appriciate publicly to much.
If I start politics it is when I am really tried Olivier has many time said
high what many have said low.