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#3860: what is Mike Norton on? Arthur can't take it anymore (fwd)

From: Charles Arthur <charlesarthur@hotmail.com>

Keywords :scandalous reporting, political bias in journalism

Re Mike Norton's 24 May AP wire:
this piece of reporting is scandalous for its inaccuracy and political bias.

"Most election stations were staffed exclusively by Aristide
partisans." - what is this outrageous claim based on?

"Opposition pollwatchers were expelled from stations because
Haiti's electoral council had only signed the identity cards of Aristide
pollwatchers." - is this true, if so where did it happen? The implication is 
everywhere - not so.

"Vote counters have also had to pore through disorganized
heaps of ballots; many ballots were lost or scattered in streets during
transit to counting centers." - as above, where did this happen, how many 
polling stations?

Is Mike Norton a independent journalist reporting for the AP in an as 
impartial way as possible, or is he a mouthpiece for the absurd claims of 
the anti-Lavalas political parties? We should be told.
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