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#3864: Nekita's comments on several messages (fwd)


Dear Corbett friends,
I looked at my e-mail box. I noticed I have  234 messages, 99%of them from 
Bob's line. I read several titles before I deleted them. Besides two or three 
corbetteers, when I have a chance, I tend to read those who are not often on 
line. I liked Alice Baker's interventions where she rebuked on  Manbo Rasin's 
referring to Haitians as being dishonest. I found Manbo Rasin's epithet quite 
 disturbing though I did not read her original post.  I want to applaud Alice 
for giving a public appreciation to Degraff. You rarely hear a haitian giving 
respect to another fellow Haitian. I appreciate her candidness.
I can not be as linguistically eloquent as Yvon was. I am more interested in 
pedagogical practicalities in Creole . However I appreciate his examples on  
the expressions " se ----ki. I believe it's fair to say that " Se bon ki ra" 
is not a proverb as Grey is making it to look like. It's phrase that she over 
heard.  She is free to use it in her logo. However it does not fit in the  
same categories as  "Dy Mn gen Mn" "Pitimi san Gad".
Rev. Gates the orthodox priest shed some light in the issue of priesthood. I 
think now I see being a priest is receiving the sacrament of "order" like 
other sacraments such as  eucharist (communion), marriage, baptism. One  may 
not have  lived up to the expected standards or rituals of those sacraments, 
but they are always there. If one day one decides they want to receive 
communion though they have never been in a catholic church for 30, 40  years 
that is fine. Am I correct to think this way?
I also sense Hudicourt's points. I assisted Patrick Lemoine  when he 
presented about his book " Fort Dimanche , Dungeon of Death" at New York 
University last winter. He mentionned the issue of mulatto is a false one. 
Duvalier used the skin tone issue as a ground to gain power. Aren't the 
40,000 people he killed were from all segments of the society- dark skinned, 
light skinned, students , women, children, babies, middle class, upper class, 
poor? No one was exempt. My father , a dark skinned professional was in 
Fort-Dimanche. My grandmother, a small grifonne retailer  was in 
Fort-Dimanche. My mother's light skinned friends from Jeremie were murdered. 
I am of Hudicourt's age. I don't know if I am too young to say or whether I 
have the qualifications to say it because I spent most of my life outside of 
Haiti.  I feel the  last 8 or 9 years have been the worst I have ever seen. 
Things have deteriorated so much in Haiti that I have given up  hope  five 
years ago.  Yes, it's democratic to have an elected parliamentary in place. I 
really wanted it and respect the people's choices. But Sunday's elections 
have not made me more optimistic unless Haitians my age , Hudicourt's age and 
over make a 180o turn in their way of thinking and their mentality as I said 
I hope the elected parliament will  five years from now prove me , today's 
generation, and tomorrow's future leaders that I am wrong.