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#3865: Time for Consensus Building :Comments from Cantave

From: Alix Cantave <alix.cantave@umb.edu>

Dear all:

If only the discussions that are occurring here in Corbettland could
also take place in Haiti. As all of you who are members of this
listserve know very no single political party or election can solve all
of the issues that Haiti faces. But the fact that thousands of Haitians
so patiently and courageously voted in last Sunday's election is
refreshing. But Haiti is still at a dangerous crossroad. This election
presents an opportunity for the different political and economic actors
to begin the process of consensus building. If not, the cycle of despair
and turmoil is likely to continue at the expense of the poor and
disenfranchised population.

The May 21st election are plagued with irregularities. I doubt, however,
the extend to which that will impact the outcome of the election. What
is likely to happen is that the opposition parties and business sector
will challenge the results. Thus, providing the republican congress with
justification not to release much needed foreign aid to the country and
prolong the crisis. The cycle continues. Haiti and Haitians can use this
opportunity to begin a new dialogue leading toward compromises and
consensus building. Sometimes the people we don't like will be elected,
that is the price of attempting to establish democratic governance and
empowering people to elect their representatives. However, it behooves
all of us and particularly those in position of influence to work within
that process with the understanding you don't win all the times. The
point here is that we need to change the tone of our discourse and find
ways in which we can collaborate, compromise and built consensus. Things
can get worst and will unless as a society we make the conscious choice
to reverse the headlong plunge toward economic, political and social

How do you think Haiti could use the May 21st election to start a
process of consensus building?