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#3891: Haiti activists denounce crackdown on opposition : Grey comments



Is this what I spent three years of misery for?  Is this what I looked down 
the gun barrels of murderous FRAPH members and mutinous FAd'H members for?

Now, I have to say that the "opposition" would gladly arrest and lock up and 
abuse the Lavalas candidates as well, if they could.  But one would think, 
after the object lesson provided by the 1991 coup, that some people at least 
would have learned a modicum of respect for human rights and due process.

I suppose the rationale is going to be that the Lavalas people feared that 
the defeated candidates would not accept the results of the election, and 
attempt to stage another coup.  Goodness knows there is every reason to 
believe they would if they could!  But... how can they?  The country is 
solidly behind Lavalas.  Aristide is going to be President, as I have been 
saying all along.  Any attempt to stop this from happening will see 
Port-au-Prince in ashes.

Peace and love,

Bon Mambo Racine Sans Bout Sa Te La Daginen

"Se bon ki ra", 
     Good is rare - Haitian Proverb

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