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#3892: Gill responds to Morse


what is more important than GW Bush's attitude toward authoritarian regimes
is whether the US will continue to abide by the significant shift in policy
toward the Caribbean and Central America that occured in l99l, as i

that is, no more support of right-wing dictatorships.....rather, a renewed
support for democracy and its adherents.....this occured under GW's Dad,
believe it or not.....and the impetus for this came from Bush Senior......

this "shift" was one of the reasons Aristide could be restored, in that it
"fit" the new policy.....of course, the US most assuredly would have
preferred someone other than the Pere, given his supposed radical liberation
theology view point....

i personally keep a close watch on happenings all over the island chain and
central america, and parts of south america, to see if this basic policy
shift is followed.....so far, so good.....it is just that we usually dont
hear much about what is going on in El Salvador, or Guatamala, for