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6043: Re: 6035: Election Observation Statement of the ICIO (fwd)

From: Florence Delimon <fdd7929@garnet.acns.fsu.edu>

Aaaaaaaahhh, statistics!!!  How inpressive everything looks when you have
statistics to back you up!!!!!!!  I only have a few questions for these
independent observers - I want to be enlightened.  Where do these high
percentage numbers come from?  What is the overall total number of
registered voters all over the republic?  What is the total number of voters
in each ASEK? each KASEK? each of the cities cited below (or of whatever
subdivision is being used by the CEP)?  How many - against these total I am
asking for - have actually voted, so that we may make sense of, and truly
know what these percentage numbers below means?  To write what follows is
not enough.

>"Voter turn-out varied in the places we observed. Our
>preliminary results based on our own observations are:
>Jeremie: 90%
>Cap-Haitien: 50-60%
>Milot, near Cap-Haitien: 70%
>Gonaives and the village of Gros Morne: 62%
>Port-au-Prince: no less than 30% and as much as 75%

What do these numbers mean?  I hope there can be some enlightening answers
to my questions.

Florence Délimon