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Fw: Chit chat from Kitty (Catherine) O'Shaughnessy Krall (fwd)

From: Ann Patrice O'Shaughnessy <annpatrice@earthlink.net>

    Bill Vorbeck's account ofTom Eddington's work with ashpits and his
devotion to his mother was very moving.  I remember a house that was
probably the one Bill speaks of.  Wasn't it on the site of, or close to it,
that Louise and Bob Corbett built their home?  And is that where Dogtown
historian Bob Corbett now lives?  The property on the west side of Tamm from
Wade gradually got higher all the way to  Lloyd Ave.  I loved Lloyd Ave. and
its large houses.  Those on the north side of the street had {have} many
steps up to their front doors.  I remember the Heil family living at the
northwest corner of Lloyd and Tamm and Grace Kelly and family living at the
southwest corner.  The Hefele family lived about the center of the then
shorter Lloyd Ave.
"Our"  Cook's field, when I was a girl of ten or twelve in 1922 and 1924 was
from the original Wade Ave. {from Tamm to Childress} to Louisville and south
to Dale. The streets beyond Lloyd and Brockschmidt didn't exist then.
Several houses on the south side of Wade including ours and two to the west
of us had open space to Lloyd Ave. but this wasn't part of our Cook's field.

[Bob Corbett adds:  In 1937 when my parents were engaged and about to
be married, they won the lot which is now my house at 1419 Tamm.
They won it at St. James in a carnival raffle.
However, three years later in 1940 they sold it to Dolan Realty
(or traded it) as part of a downpayment for a house at 1223 Childress.
We lived there from 1940 - 1950.  In 1950 my parents purchased the
lot from Dolan.  It had never been sold or built upon.  Then they
built this house at 1419 Tamm.  Mom and Dad lived here until they died,
Mom in 1993 and Dad, not much wanting to live after Mom died, in 1994.
My oldest son, also Bob, purchased the house and now I rent from my son!!
He's a great landlord and the rent, well, I'll bet I have the cheapest
rent in all of Dogtown!!]