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6146: Re: 6140: Re: 6029: Re: 6008: RE: 5978: Teaching a lesson: "blan" or Madanm" (fwd)

From: E Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

>I have recently heard the word blan being used to refer to children >of 
>Haitian parents born in the US. (Sabine Albert)

That can be a possibility if they appear or behave as "foreigners" to 
Haitians, particularly if they don't speak Kreyol.

>I ask myself the following:  In the future how will the definition of >Blan 
>take shape in Haiti?  Is it important to understand the word in >the 
>Haitian context within the framework of the Haitian reality? Will >the 
>reaction of those who are called Blan be more influential in >curbing the 
>usage of the word thus, giving it a negative connotation? (>Sabine Albert)

In this discussion, I notice that we leave "schools in Haiti" behind. A 
whole environment where students give names to each other  and to teachers 
(just for fun). 'Blan' is also used to refer to "grimo" (light skinned man), 
but nothing and nothing related to "racism". I guess very dark skinned 
students would be offended if they are called "kaka dyab" or "ti ble" [a 
euphamism of 'kaka dyab], but students in Haiti will give you a name no 
matter what; afterward, you realize that they just want to have fun, so you 
don't bother.

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