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7285: Re: 7241: Re: 7236: Gladys Lauture Issue (fwd)

From: Jean Succar <succarj@hotmail.com>


I have followed the Lauture issue very closely. I am an engineer and 
engineers deal with facts more than theory. Of course the theory is the 
driving force behind the data collection but until analysis and rational and 
concrete conclusions are reached, laws cannot be established.  
Unfortunately, this is a major problem in our world, facts are never handy.  
In Haiti, we are good for spreading rumors not backed by facts.  We rely on 
that old good "tele-diol" to feed our natural human-nature hunger of the 

The reason why I am intervening is that I see how passionate people get on 
rumors.  I do not agree with nor refute the claims made against Gladys 
Lauture who I do not know but, I think as long as we do not have hard copy, 
solid evidence and testimony of what she is accused of, she is as much an 
honnest citizen as all of us included in that list.  If she has done all 
what I have read she is accused of, I am sure that there are fingerprints, I 
mean papers, receipts, prints, something that could clearly indicate her 
actions.  Remember that in the long run, justice always triumphs,