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7286: Re: 7265: Guess who (fwd)

From: Sandra Mignot <s-mignot@designer-gift.com>

Could you tell us more ?

> ??? Creation of several other lucrative businesses which gave her the means to
> engage in charity.

Which ones ?

> ??? Social non-profit activities and large financial contributions to charity
> and to several male and female religious congregations: financing of housing
> for young Christian couples, free professional services to street children,
> psychological support to at-risk couples, other logistic support to other
> non-clerical groups.

What are the names of those religious  congregations and non clerical

> Creation and management of an organization currently
> feeding 1000 (one thousand) aids patients daily in Haiti.

What is the name of that organisation ?

Thanks for your answers.
Sandra Mignot