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7287: Re: 7270: RE: 7247: Bebe understands... finally. (fwd)

From: Moibibi@aol.com

I agree wholeheartedly with you:  a "house divided against itself cannot 

It was through unity at Bwa Ka-Iman that we could get our independence. In 
those times the Kongos were hostile to the Muslims who were "learned" while 
they were illeterate. They didn't trust one another but, in spite of the 
basic dissensions, it was a Moslem by the name of Boukman or Bouqueman who 
led the Bwa Ka-Iman ceremony, along with others like him and unlike him; he 
participated to the sacrifice of a pig. The unity of all Nations was 
imperative if we wanted to free ourselves from the chains of slavery.

 We succeeded.

Today, we are divided again and as time passes, the ditch becomes deeper. I 
made my plea for a new unity between scholars and those left ignored (lese 
pou kont). I got nowhere but in inconsequential discussions. I rest my case.