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7288: Re: 7279: Archim/Morse (fwd)

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

        Sorry to reply "on-line", but since this was printed for our 
     list-members, it probably should be answered for our list-members to 
        My post was positively for the purpose of receiving good answers. There 
     is nothing that I am "up to". I would like to know something more  about   
     Vodou, and I am asking someone who knows more than I (and there *are* such 
     persons!) to help me understand. What is wrong with that, and what is so   
     suspicious? When people ask me to explain some things about the Greek      
     Orthodox Church, I answer them straight out; we have no secrets, nor do we 
     suspect that the one posing the questions is "up to something". I mentioned
     that I am a former university professor of Comparative Religions, and I    
     know a good deal about the major world religions, but I am lacking in      
     deeper knowledge of Vodou, so I am asking. I listed a few reasons for my   
     quest, and they are serious. Do Vodou people have something to hide which  
     would cause them to wonder if I am "up  to something"? It'a sincere request
     for further knowledge.
        I am personally-in-touch with several Vodou "priests"(houngans) and     
     Mambos, and I have never had any trouble talking with them. I especially   
     know several in the Jacmel/Cyvadier area, and we are on very friendly      
     terms. However, they were unable to answer the questions which I posed in  
     my post.
        A main question has to do with what appears to be "evil" practices      
     within or under the name of Vodou. I would like to know if mainstream Vodou
     (if there is such a thing) condones what others would call "evil"          
     practices. (eg. Causing illnesses for adversaries; making zombies;         
     subverting religious practices of others; stealing from friends; causing   
     problems for those one does not like; telling lies, etc.) Now this is in no
     understood as my implying that followers of other religions don't do some  
     of the same things; I'm asking if such things are condoned by Vodou.
        I have a number of friends who follow Vodou, and they are kindly and    
     genteel. I know others, however, who follow Vodou and are evil in any      
     definition of the word. (yes, I know, there are evil persons wqho follow   
     all kinds of religions; I am merely asking if there are various "sects" of 
     Vodou which condone evil practices. (And no one needs to respond by asking 
     me to "define" what I consider to be evil; I'm talking about practices     
     which harm others.)
        Yes, I am a Priest of The Greek Orthodox Church. And yes, there are many
     Vodou practices which are similar to Orthodox practices (eg. Meals on      
     anniversaries of death; praying for the departed; beliefs that the faithful
     departed can be "contacted" in a spiritual manner; requesting the saints to
     carry our prayers to God on a more perpetual level than we are able, etc,) 
     Because of this, I am asking questions.
        Hope that clarifies my intentions...and my person.