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7360: What is November 25? (fwd)

From: Laurietodd@aol.com

In translating a document in Creole, I am puzzled by reference to November 25 
as a holiday or commemorative day in Haiti, apparently related to women's 
rights.  If anyone can enlighten me on this, I would be most grateful.  

Also, two words for some kind of tools have me stumped: 
palet (aksan fos over the e) and 
bwouet (aksan fos over the e).

Obviously the second word is mis-spelled; at the very least it should have a 
y between the u and the e.  It's probably meant to be bouret, but if anyone 
has any other ideas, again, I would be thankful.

I can be reached at   Laurietodd@aol.com

mesi anpil!