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7373: Re: The *leftist* priest (fwd)

From: Simanique Moody <poomoody@yahoo.com>

 I am in the beginning stages of writing on a paper
discussing U.S. intervention into foreign countries'
affairs under the premise of promoting democracy.  I'm
using Cuba and Grenada as my primary focus (for
reasons not so pertinent to this e-mail), but I would
like to include Haiti as well.  Haiti is a complicated
case study, however.  In some of my readings, I sense
that the U.S. was involved with Aristide's overthrow
in 1991.  Not openly, of course.  This would be
difficult for me to argue because the U.S. was also
instrumental in restoring Aristide to power with their
"Operation Uphold Democracy."  What I hope to show is
that after his return, Aristide's power was weakened
significantly Haiti's government was much more
accommodating to the U.S.  From that I could bring
more credibility to any argument I put forth linking
the U.S. to the overthrow.  

I would like to know if anyone could give me some
sources that show how the Western media and others
attempted to link Aristide to communism during his
brief time in power before the overthrow in 1991.  

I would like to make it clear that I'm not arguing
that Aristide was a communist.  I merely want to show
that because of his desire to transform the
traditional Haitian government and bring justice to
the masses of poor people in his country, among other
things, he was a threat to many people.  So he was
labeled a communist or leftist by the U.S. and others,
and this label was used by his opponents to justify
his overthrow.

Also if anyone knows of sources that link U.S. players
in the plot to overthrow him, I would appreciate those
as well.

S. Moody
U of Minnesota  

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